Unions unions unions!

I knew this would happen when I did that bullet list of progressive goals: I’d forget important stuff.

Noam Scheiber reminded me in yesterday’s Times, in his “Can Weak Unions Get Teachers More Money?”

UNIONS UNIONS UNIONS. Support them and every government agency supporting them.

This reader’s comment to the Scheiber article says it really well:


REMEMBER THIS: Unions are the people who fought and died so you can have an 8 hour work day, weekends, overtime pay, minimum wage, collective bargaining, paid sick days, paid vacations, unemployment benefits, a middle class, pensions, social security, Veteran employment and training services, paid military leave, wrongful termination laws, an end to child labor, safety standards in the workplace and much much more!
If you don’t have these rights, form a union and fight for them. If you do, thank the Unions in this country!

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