Update on the fascist truck convoy

Yesterday, I spoke too soon. Drat.

They’re coming. The brownshirt truck convoy is starting up its engines in California. Don’t these people have anything better to do with their time and their rigs?

They could work on the incoherence of their message(s)(s)(s). What are they protesting?

I’m sure someone will follow their progress across this great, great country of ours. Can’t these sports betting entities, the ones that dominate TV commercial time, set up a betting thing for the truck convoy? Like, how many rigs will it consist of by the time it reaches, I don’t know, Kansas? How many gallons of fuel will truckers run out of before they reach a gas station?

I’m imagining of all the other things people could bet on re the truck convoy but I’m just distracting myself from the awfulness of Putin. I thought he was bluffing. Here’s where being an optimist made me wrong.

Still, I’d rather be an optimist and deal with it.

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