“UPDATE: Rick Springfield’s Butt Will Face Retrial”

UPDATE: Rick Springfield’s Butt Will Face Retrial – Lowering the Bar:

You will be pleased to know that the plaintiff who accuses Rick Springfield of assaulting her with his butt has not given up despite an earlier mistrial. According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, lawyers for Springfield and plaintiff Vicki Calcagno were back in court a few months ago to discuss future proceedings, and the report says that a retrial is still the plan, but will happen in January 2015 at the earliest.


Exhibit A

As you may recall, but are encouraged to read about again (the mistriala followup), Calcagno sued Springfield in 2007 claiming that the singer’s buttocks (right) made contact with Calcagno during a 2004 concert, knocking her down and causing “serious, permanent and disabling injuries,” although oddly enough she did not seek medical help at the time. Nor was she able to locate any witnesses—until, in a dramatic late-trial development, somebody posted a comment on a website claiming that she indeed remembered Springfield acting negligently, and not only that, he had fallen on one of her family members too. Somehow, this development led to a mistrial.

I re-reported on this big story when Lowering the Bar first divulged it.

And then I re-re-reported it when Lowering the Bar butt-thrust in again.

Is this the biggest lawsuit story in the past couple years? Hell, no. But does it deserve pursuing? Hell, yes.

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