Usurious loans to plaintiffs

I’m so excited! Look what I just received in the mail! A company called Cash4Cases, Inc. asks me:

Need a Cash Advance against Your Pending Lawsuit?

  • No Risk – Repay the advance only if you win!
  • No Credit Check
  • No Employment Verification
  • No Monthly Payments
  • Lowest Interest Rates

And I’m dialing them up for dollars immediately.

Yeah. But why did I, of all people, get this junk in the mail? Apparently this company—ever so enterprising—has some employee pouring through NYS Supreme Court lawsuits trolling for customers, and they picked up on my foot lawsuit. (My lawsuit against the Skush-O’Briens is useless to these people since the end result is a financial unknown.)

Since in an earlier post called “Usurious loans to plaintiffs,”I detailed how these vultures prey on hapless litigation victims (that unspeakable “lowest interest rates” line!), I won’t rant further.

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