Very brief notes from a plague town

My hair is an undiagnosible mop and I’m out of Lilac chocolates.

Century21 is selling “staycation outfits starting under $15.” I’m not sure what a “staycation outfit” is (which is why I went into their website and provided the link), but that’s a damn good price. I live with the notion that any garment selling for under $15 is basically free.

With profound sorrow, I’ve (temporarily) given up nibbling Happy Herbert’s wild rice snack crackers because Fairway stopped selling them and Fairway was the only place around here that did sell them.

I decided I’d order them directly from Herbert himself. He has a really Happy website, does Herbert — who dwells in Jersey City, so for a while I was thinking of taking the easy trip out to Jersey City and buying them in situ. The only viable in situ now is me in my apartment. And Online Herbert was only selling boxes containing 12 bags, which would last me, I dunno, maybe until late January 2021.

So I’ve gone back to popcorn and whatever flavored cardboard crackers I can find in Duane Reade or wherever (I’ve made a firm commitment not to investigate the ingredients). This means I must keep my vacuum out and plugged in constantly because I’ve found squashed popcorn bits napping in a number of peculiar corners.

Wondering How That Popcorn Bit Got There is an activity on my schedule, replacing long-standing doctors’ appointments.


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