Victim of illegal stop-and-frisk gets $14G settlement from city

Hard on the heels of the New York Times article about how the City is fighting lawsuits against the New York Police Department, comes this, from the Daily News: Victim of illegal stop-and-frisk gets $14G settlement from city after his NYPD manhandling is caught on tape – NY Daily News.

It’s not as hypocritical or contradictory as it sounds. The City’s Law Department is apparently carefully evaluating each case on its merits. In this matter, there was a surveillance tape of the stop-and-frisk that supported (to a degree) the victim’s story and contradicted the police story.

The video, which showed the cop pushing St. Hillaire [the victim] against a building, even prompted a city lawyer to conceded in January that there appeared to be no legal basis for the stop.

The cop who did the stop-and-frisk has been sued several times previously—and the City has had to settle five of those cases since 2010.

As the Daily News piece (by John Marzulli) says: “Clarke [the cop] might need a tutorial on constitutional law.”


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