Violent little story in this lawsuit abstract

As I know you’re aware, the New York Law Journal publishes daily news of New York lawsuits and decisions. It’s the Grey Lady of law news–a big, fat paper.

As you also are aware, the full New York Law Journal subscription costs a bloody fortune. Law firms usually buy only one subscription and all the lawyers share it.

Not a lawyer, I am resigned to reading and being intrigued by the terse abstracts of each case. Which I get every day by email.

Sometimes, when I’m so inspired, I can read entire action pictures into them.

Today is one of those days. Look past the caption, the court info, the list of many lawyers and read through the elegantly spare sentence–a sort of double entendre, since it is the judge’s determination, i.e., “sentence”–at the very end. And imagine yourself, a putative customer of Tompkins Square Bagels, getting punched in the face. Do you punch back?

Just in case you have difficulty digesting (pun, pun) that sentence, I’ve blown it up.

Villongco v. Tompkins Square Bagels, 153093/2014

  • Supreme Court, New York County
  • 153093/2014
  • Justice Carol Edmead
  • For Plaintiff: For Plaintiff Edgar Villongco: Yevgeny Rabinovich, Khavinson & Associates, P.C. Brooklyn, NY.
  • For Defendant: For Defendants Tompkins Square Bagels and Sage The Cat, LLC: William Cody Lawlor, Hannum Feretic Prendergast & Merlino, LLC, New York, NY. For Defendant Nathan Bershadsky: Kevin G Faley, Morris Duffy Alonso & Faley, New York, NY.

Shop Not Liable for Worker’s ‘Off the Clock’ Punch of Patron

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