“Vladimir the Poisoner of Underpants”

Alexey Navalny said that.

In five words he nailed Vladimir Putin. He spoke more words than those in court as he was sentenced to a couple of years in prison for…well. For being astoundingly heroic and dangerously heretical.

The excerpt from his remarks in which he pastes that billboard epithet on Putin:

[Putin]’s never participated in any debates or campaigned in an election. Murder is the only way he knows how to fight. … He’ll go down in history as nothing but a poisoner. We all remember Alexander the Liberator [Alexander II] and Yaroslav the Wise [Yaroslav I]. Well, now we’ll have Vladimir the Poisoner of Underpants — that’s how he will go down in history. …

I first learned about Navalny in a long New Yorker article by Julia Ioffe, and first wrote something about him in April 2011 — nearly ten years ago. He knocked me out then and still knocks me out. Somehow he never has lost his sarcastic sense of humor or his devastating application of facts and simple logic that minces the grandiosity of oligarchs into a mush of corruption and thievery.

You want a revolution? Please read his court statement at that first link. He deserves it and so do you.

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