Vlog wars and moon mission: how are they connected?

I think these two items from 538 Significant Digits belong together:

2.7 million subscribers

Speaking of subscriptions, people can apparently make money by being a “beauty vlogger,” and one named James Charles has lost 2.7 million YouTube subscribers on since Friday. Charles became, as the kids say, “canceled” after another “prominent creator” named Tati Westbrook posted a lengthy video in which she publicly ended their friendship because Charles had used Snapchat to promote a certain wellness brand and because she believed that Charles was acting sexually “aggressive” with other men. Westbrook, meanwhile, has gained 3.5 million subscribers. [The Verge]


$1.6 billion in funding

NASA is after $1.6 billion in increased funding for its mission to return to the moon by 2024, an endeavor called Artemis. As part of this mission, NASA plans to put a woman on the lunar surface for the first time. [Gizmodo]

You get this, right? Why not send Tati Westbrook to the moon?

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