Waiting for the next indictment(s)

While I never forget the dreadfulness of what’s going on — and while I hold up my end of the general outrage –– I find that why I’m primarily doing is…

…waiting for indictments.

When a couple of weeks go by without one, I get a little down.

I NEED those indictments because the investigation and its results are the only real big, significant news in my life.

I just saw that in a poll a majority of people think Mueller should wrap up the investigation before the 2018 election.

That’s not how this works, folks. The period required to complete a thorough investigation is not determined by a poll, as if we all get to call in to some 900 number and vote.

I don’t, in short, give a fuck about what people think about the investigation.

I care only about the investigation and what it will turn up. Which I expect will be a ton of major criminality.

Waiting for the next indictment.

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