Walmart’s ugly new attack in their war on workers

Source, DailyKos: Walmart finds a new way to exploit workers with a new dress code

Hard to believe Walmart’s new twisted, sleazy, sneaky rationale for exploiting low-paid workers: make them buy their own clothes to meet the new Walmart “dress code.”

You’ve got to wonder what kind of person sits around at Walmart headquarters thinking up this stuff.

If this weren’t deathly enough, here’s the kill shot:

Although, if workers don’t already have the required clothes, Walmart has helpfully marked the tags on items that pass muster in case workers want to buy those clothes from Walmart. Isn’t that thoughtful? Worker group OUR Walmart estimates that the company stands to make $51 million or more in sales to workers buying the new not-quite-uniforms.

Walmart will also be supplying workers with a vest they’re required to wear—a vest that, for all the company’s big talk about American-made products, is currently being made in Jordan. They promise that soon, the vests will be made in the U.S…

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