Want to read a major league judicial decision? Here you are

Zoe Tillman, whom I follow on Twitter, covers the D.C. federal courts for BuzzFeed News. Thanks to her, I’ve read detailed reports of hearings and trials in the large range of Trump-related actions.

But why did I miss this really big report on Twitter? I don’t know, I missed it. So I’m deeply grateful to my cousin Stewart for delivering it to me.

Because it’s big time judicial stuff. (What’s the case about? I don’t know. Not important.)


A lawyer asked a judge for a brief extension due to the @Nationals‘ playoff run, citing “unflagging support of a certain nine-year old boy” who wants to watch the games. “With the consent of the parents and baseball fans at the Department of Justice, this request is unopposed.”

And here’s the actual consent motion:



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