Want to trigger civil unrest in the UK? Here’s a tip

Thanks to Harper’s January Findings, I know the best way to rouse the UK to civil unrest. Before I tell you, though (actually, before I quote Harper’s which will tell you), why don’t you take a guess at what would do it?

Something to do with a soccer, a/k/a football loss?

A comedian making ribald fun of King Charles’s prostate?

An executive action returning Great Britain to the EU and establishing the euro as British currency?

The ghost of the late Donald Trump buying Brighton Pier, setting upon it a miniature golf resort and inviting people to pay £100,000 to get in on the game?

Driving a truck right over a hedgehog crossing and crushing the few remaining hedgehogs in the U.K?

No. None of the above.

Shortages of carbohydrates, above other foodstuffs, were deemed most likely to trigger civil unrest in the United Kingdom.

Take away their biscuits, crisps and chips and they’ll riot.

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  1. Susan Thaler says:

    Totally understandable.

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