War against women: Trump, the NBA, social media, Iran and China

Great summary of Trump versus women’s lot , by Nicholas Kristof: Trump Plays the Man’s Card – The New York Times

Now he’s attacking Clinton and misses the point about a woman’s card: It’s less than worthless.

Source: NBA slam-dunked by judge in sexism lawsuit over degrading photos – NY Daily News

A Manhattan judge, in a sharply-worded Friday decision, whistled the NBA for its woman-bashing culture.

Terrific article but one that raises the question: how could this still be happening? Source: Social Media, Where Sports Fans Congregate and Misogyny Runs Amok – The New York Times

Two sports journalists decided to publicly address the vile messages they receive on social media, comments like “please kill yourself I will provide the bleach.”

From 4/26/16 Harper’s Weekly Review:

Police in Tehran enlisted 7,000 undercover morality officers to report men wearing necklaces and women sporting glamorous hairstyles and loose-fitting hijab…

…the (Chinese) government released posters warning young female government workers against dating handsome foreign men in case they are spies. “Some Chinese women,” said a Beijing saleswoman, “are naive.”




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