War of the Borgheses

One of my Sunday treats is a thorough read of the first section, the news section of the New York Times. In this section, the Times prints all sorts of stories that readers may not have enough time for during the week. But on Sundays…

So it was that yesterday I read this entire story, about a genuine royal family, the Borgheses, one of whom, the late Principessa Marcella started a cosmetics firm. You’ve all seen those expensive cosmetics selling at the better cosmetics counters. (Full disclosure: I’ve never used them.)

Well — and this story is full of juicy parts, including reality TV, a young handsome prince, et al., and a picture of the poor Borgheses in what appears to be their surprisingly middle-class kitchen — this is a lawsuit. Because the Borgheses sold the cosmetic company and began different ventures on their own, but now Borghese cosmetics is suing the genuine Borgheses for … use of their own name!

If you can’t use your own name, what are you?

It’s enough to make you weep for royalty. (I am personally not sympathetic with the CEO of Borghese cosmetics, Georgette Mosbacher, who herself is sort of royalty, to the Republican Party.)

Here’s the whole Times story, with pictures:  Borghese v. Borghese – Battle for a Royal Name – NYTimes.com.

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