War on unions…and women in them.

From today’s Daily News:

Give her back job

A Staten Island teacher was fired for being a union leader and deserves her job back, a Staten Island Supreme Court justice has ruled.

Lisa Capece, who taught fifth grade at Public School 1, endured a battery of “abuse, harassment, discrimination and disciplinary actions” after she became a union leader, Justice Kim Dollard found.

Dollard ruled Capece should be returned to her job and be given tenure and back pay.

“That’s why I’m smiling. We worked hard. It took so long,” said Capece, who has been out of work since 2008. — Rachel Monahan.

I notice that while the Daily News buried this story at the bottom of a page, it was written by a woman, and it was a woman justice who ruled.

P.S. All of us New Yorkers know that Staten Island is in secret a county of Ohio, or Indiana. (Did I already tell you that story about the Marx Brothers and Staten Island? I did? Oh good.)

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