Was it “possible” Hillary’s server gave access to “hostile”s?

Yeah, I’m still steaming over that Comey statement, with its suggestive opinions and fact-free ominous language.

One pointedly egregiously extra-legal dark comment I’m quoting again from the Times story– “…it was possible that hostile foreign governments had gained access to her account”–bugged me especially (highlight the word “bug” as a pun). Because here I was, reading this article, and thinking, “Wait a sec. How many major hacks of big government agencies have there been in the past few years?” And “How many of those intrusions contained the words ‘Hillary’s emails’?”

My memory regurgitated some big names, like the IRS, the State Department, maybe even Department of Defense, and wasn’t there a huge government agency that had millions of employees’ personal information, including Social Security numbers, stolen? (No, not Target. Target is not a government agency, I don’t believe.)

So, since I’m not a very lazy person, I’ve dug up some stories–hardly all–about all those leaks and hacks and whatevers. And, yes, I was right: the phrase “Hillary’s emails” were not cited. Not once. Until, of course, James Comey spat that out at his news conference.

Hang on to your hats. Here they are, starting with WikiLeaks:

Did you remember that the NSA actually itself hacked into our military? I didn’t:

And for a bit of creditable fact checking demonstrating that there is no evidence at all that Hillary’s emails were hacked. Her private server was apparently much better defended than were government servers. See above. And read below:


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