Was it Putin who hacked Ashley Madison?

Remember Ashley Madison? No? Are you blocking it for reasons we need not go into?

I’m wondering if I promised to keep up with this case and report in whenever there was news. If so, I did it long, long before the Horror descended upon us…and the Horror is not really about getting caught in adulterous relationships. Although it could be.

Never mind.

It does seem there is a settlement in the Ashley Madison hacking case. So if I did assure everyone I’d keep up with this now pitifully insignificant story…

New York AG Joins FTC in Ashley Madison Data Breach Settlement

C. Ryan Barber and Mark Hamblett, New York Law Journal   

Ashley Madison, the online dating service built to help cheating lovers meet their match, will settle claims that lax cybersecurity was responsible for a data breach that exposed the personal information of millions of customers last year.

And here’s the ABA Journal story on this settlement.

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