Wealthy Soho condo and my coop share the same problem

I read this New York Times article — SoHo Condo, 95 Greene St., Sues 2 Residents Over Fees – NYTimes.com — with a warm sense of litigious comraderie. A couple of rich people, who bought three penthouses in a pricey Soho loft building, are in serious arrears with their monthly fees.

Of course the condo has filed a lawsuit against their deadbeats. Their complaint, fairly simple in its plaints (it’s all about the money and breach of contract), isn’t anywhere near as interesting as my complaint.

But the condo has a great advantage, over which I’m envious:

The board has become so riled up that it removed Mr. Nahoum’s name from the building’s intercom and changed its bylaws to prevent anyone who is more than 60 days late on payments from using the elevator.

We don’t have an elevator.

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