Wedding announcement: The Mansons Are Registered at Bed Bath & Beyond

Of course it’s from Lowering the Bar and like everything else from Lowering the Bar, it is absurd but, according to Kevin Underhill, true:

The Mansons Are Registered at Bed Bath & Beyond – Lowering the Bar. The last paragraph of which is:

At the moment, no gifts have been purchased, so it’s wide open for you. I actually don’t see a knife set on the list, but please don’t get them the flatware, or the fondue forks, or even the grapefruit spoons, which I bet Charlie could sharpen pretty handily.

Helter Skelter!

I was just at Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday, looking for and finding a round little pillow for the small of my back. It works. Don’t know whether the Mansons need something like that but if you’re looking, it’s only $9.99. I.e., cheap. Although I did spring for an extra pillowcase.

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