(Weird) animal news: bees, badgers, junkie cats and hippos

All from Harper’s June 2023 Findings:

Bumblebees learn from one another how to solve puzzle boxes.

Dutch trains are being disrupted by tunneling badgers…

An autopsy of a house cat revealed amphetamine, methamphetamine, and three types of benzodiazepine. A serval found in a tree in Cincinnati tested positive for cocaine.

It is ten p.m. Do you know where your pets are — and what they’re doing?

Colombia planned to send India sixty and Mexico ten of the descendants of Pablo Escobar’s hippos.

Have you been wondering about Escobar’s hippo troupe? I have, if not very frequently, maybe because they’re not strolling up West End Avenue. My question now is, did India and Mexico agree to accept all of these African animals? Big African animals?

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