Weird legal story of the week: family sued by nanny

For human trafficking, as it happens.

Ms. Garnica [the nanny], in her lawsuit, claimed the couple took her passport, locked her in the apartment, left her without decent food or her medication for hypertension and allowed the children to hit her. Once, she claimed, a child smashed a refrigerator door on her head.


The Times has a glowing portrait of the wealthy family − looks as if they posed for one of those look-how-beautiful-we-are-envy-us! holiday cards. But I don’t envy them because they are stuck in Italy, poor things, because that nanny sued them and they can’t get back into the U.S.

The Times article has its deliciously bitchy moments about Malu Custer Edwards (wife) and Micky Hurley (hubby): For Family Sued by Nanny, a Vacation Becomes Legal Limbo – And it’s definitely one of those who’s-telling-the-truth? sort of stories, so you can use it as a brain teaser. Or as an alternative to Clue.

If you like.

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