Well, well. Indictments.

Once again, I’m brought back to that day Trump sailed down an escalator (?!) and announced his candidacy. I was thinking, “What? He’s too stupid.”

He is. And his decision to run for the presidency was the dumbest of his life.

The multitude of (alleged) crimes Trump has committed is a sort of torrent of ugly ridiculousness. Reading the indictments, I am repeatedly reminded of his Keystone Kops dopiness. And his co-conspirators? Over and over and over, I was murmuring to myself, “What on earth were these ne’er-do-wells thinking?” And “Do they know about crimes and things like that?” And “Prison sentences?”

I can’t fault the media for taking this flood of facts and evidence of crimes so seriously. It’s serious. But it’s also stupid. Crazy and stupid.

Apparently Trump was and remains a very bad boy in a bubble, in which he believed he was some sort of god and could do whatever he wanted without getting swatted, now that his father is dead. Seems he didn’t know enough to know about us.


He’d have been better off if he’d tripped on a gilded elevator tread and landed on his gilded head.

Stupid. And crazy.

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