We’re back to…Call your Senators re a Trump court nomination

I’m finding it so hard to believe this crap, I got a muscle spasm in my side and I’m sitting in a particularly marvelous and supportive office chair.

Source: Trump names right-wing blogger who likened abortion to slavery to powerful appeals court

A few tasty morsels from this ThinkProgress essay. (That’s a subtle hint not to eat before you read this.)

John Bush is a lawyer and the president of the Louisville chapter of the Federalist Society, an increasingly radicalized conservative legal group that’s played a major role in selecting Donald Trump’s nominees to the federal bench. Bush is also a blogger at a site called “Elephants in the Bluegrass,” where he’s written on subjects such as why slavery is like abortion or the virtues of shooting Obama supporters.

And, if President Trump has his way, Mr. Bush will soon add another title to his resume: judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

…the Trump nominee has also appeared fairly dismissive of idea that a woman or minority could reach the White House without some unfair advantage. Reflecting on the 2016 Republican National Convention, Bush wrote that “the Democrats are trying to win with the same game plan as in 2008, only substitute woman for Black.”

Complaining that the new [State Department passport] forms ask the applicant to name their “Mother or Parent 1” and “Father or Parent 2,” Bush complained that “it’s just like the government to decide it needs to decide something like which parent is number one or number two. When that happens, both parents are subservient to the nanny state — more precisely, a nanny Secretary of State.”

It’s worth noting, moreover, that Bush’s view of public financing [bad] and the government speech doctrine appears to be part of a broader vision of the First Amendment that bears little resemblance to existing law. Speaking at a 2009 event sponsored by the Federalist Society, for example, Bush suggested that a seminal Supreme Court decision protecting journalists from malicious libel suits (among other things) “probably wasn’t correctly decided.”

Trump, meanwhile, said that he is “going to open up our libel laws” if elected president so that he can go after reporters who write things he believes to be “horrible and false.”

Deep deep sigh. Abbreviated to DDS.

Call your senators and any senator who exhibits signs of sanity. Praise her(/him?) to the skies and ask please that this lunatic not be placed in a court seat with a lifetime tenure in which to damage our lives.

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