“West Virginia lawsuit alleging that evolution is a faith”

Anyone with a smidgeon of respect for science will read this story and sigh. Deeply.

As weird and dumb as it is, it isn’t really easy to understand, especially when the West Virginia dimwit who brought the suit draws in something about his daughter’s eventual chances to become a vet. Someone he postulates that if evolution is taught in her school as a science, she’ll have problems.

Take a look, if you’ve got the stomach for idiocy. (But you can also relax, because the lawsuit was tossed out of court.) Thanks to Jerry Coyne’s WhyEvolutionIsTrue for this item:

Source: West Virginia lawsuit alleging that evolution is a faith is unceremoniously tossed out of court « Why Evolution Is True

Jerry begins:

On May 27 I wrote about a lawsuit filed by one Kenneth Smith of West Virginia, a suit alleging that evolution was a “faith.” Of course, Smith had to claim damages, so the suit further argued that his daughter’s future education and prospects for veterinary school were being damaged by requiring her to learn evolutionary “faith”.

Here are some excerpt from that suit.  (The full pdf is here. Note, as in the extract below, how poorly written it is: the plaintiff apparently brought the suit on his own). First, see how many people Smith was suing, including Francis Collins, NIH director, and Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education!

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