WHAT A BOOB! sez the Daily News

The actual headline of the article is, “Drunk boob has to pay!” And it’s about “A Manhattan man [who] didn’t keep his eye on the correct bottom line while boozing at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, and found himself on the hook for a $28,000 bar tab.”

The guy is named William Ilg and he sued. But Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez tossed out the suit, saying “There is no duty upon [Hustler Club] to protect plaintiff from the results of his [voluntary] intoxication.”

Read the whole piece by one of my favorite Daily News reporters, John Marzulli, and what can I say to you guys out there? I suppose I could put this post into the “Don’t spend your money where?” Sidelines category but no: I reserve that category for not-dumb things.


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