What a horrible person! Eugene Scalia

Must say I’d never paid any attention to Eugene Scalia, son of Antonin, even when Trump made him Secretary of Labor.

Trump introduced us to so many horrible people, one or two slipped through the cracks of my focus, until Eyal Press wrote a devastating portrait of Scalia in an October New Yorker. I had to read it very slowly because Scalia made me sick. Just sick.

As Labor Secretary he has cynically reduced protections to meat-packing workers threatened by COVID which OSHA should have been providing, and what he specifically did chilled me. Scalia has a brain coldly devoted to dismantling any regulations which impose basic care and concern for employees upon employers. He demonstrates not a whit of human feeling, of compassion, of concern for anyone without power who is in peril at work. The only point to this is sadism.

Eugene Scalia is a horrible person.

Scalia will of course be departing Labor. So what twisted shit will he be leaving behind, like a trail of diarrhea from a large, vicious wild animal? Discrimination against all sorts of people whom an employer might object to because of, well, you know, religious belief — especially LGBTQ people.

As Slate reports:

On Monday, the Trump administration finalized a sweeping new regulation that allows federal contractors to discriminate against racial and religious minorities, women, and especially LGBTQ people in the name of protecting “religious liberty.” It effectively abolishes critical workplace protections for these contractors that have been in place for decades, reframing religious freedom as a near-limitless license to discriminate.

Horrible. Scalia, son of Antonin, is fruit from a poisonous tree.

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