What about Fox News’s license to broadcast?

After posting that previous thing about Fox News, I became curious–not for the first time–about how Fox maintains its broadcasting license given the multitude of ugly problems it spews out every day. (Oh, gee, sorry, I think I’m supposed to call that “corporate culture.”)

Are there regulations controlling what news stations can broadcast? How many distortions and lies and defamatory statements are they allowed to promulgate? Per week? Or day?

When does the deep decolletage for nearly all female on-air personalities suggest a Hooters uniform?

And how many discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits can a news broadcaster face, settle and/or lose before the Federal Communications Commissions says “No more”?

And is there anything we can do about this?

Yes! Apparently there is.

And apparently there are rules.

Take a look through the actual FCC rules, linked below the table of contents. Click on some of those links, like “Public Participation.”

Oh, and this is one of those times I wish I were a genuine rebel leader, able to gather millions to a cause. But I’m not. All I can do is encourage a genuine rebel leader–maybe one of those women who protest outside Fox’s headquarters and studio–1211 Sixth Avenue, between 47th and 48th Streets (to my surprise: I thought it was east of Second or thereabouts; it seems to have moved to new digs)–to take up the cause of getting Fox’s license revoked.

Source: The Public and Broadcasting (July 2008 edition) | Federal Communications Commission

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