What are these people going to do for the rest of their lives?

Trumpists. The entire administration.

I’ve often wondered how these people believe they’ll be functioning, wage-earning, tax-paying individuals after this catastrophe is over.

Would you give a job to Chad Wolf? John Ratcliffe? Any Customs and Board Patrol agent? Any of them?

Indeed, a number of these crucial agencies will be broken up and re-designed.

What about any of the rolling Cabinet members who’ve done their evil best to demolish our government?

Bill Barr, if managing to escape indictment for something or other, will retire. He’s old enough. But other DOJ lawyers who did not become whistleblowers, what will happen to them? Their CVs will be toxic to any reputable law firm. I suppose they could band together and form their own law firm but who will retain them?

Trump, his family and his company will potentially be bankrupted. Again. And some of them will be prosecuted for a multitude of crimes. So I know where they will be. Sing Sing, probably.

But who is going to employ the many thousands of Trump people who have done nothing, or have joined in doing damage to our government and to us, the people? Given the odor emerging from the career path called “lobbying,” not many American companies will want to hire Trumpists, given nobody in Congress or at the reconstructed agencies would be caught dead being seen with them.

And I don’t think many of them will be registering as foreign lobbyists for the usual group of autocrats and murderers under what will probably be a seriously re-written and much more restrictive FARA. So, bye bye Giuliani.

I suppose they’ll get unemployment insurance, for a few months. But after that? Maybe a number of them will become homeless, will be spotted at food pantries getting hand outs.

Oh, I don’t give a shit. I’m just contemplating the future.



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