What can you do if your solicitor ignores you?

I saw the word “solicitor” in a search string among my site statistics. I’m delighted that people from other nations — in this case, I’m assuming Great Britain or another Commonwealth country — find me here, on Sidebar.

While I’m not a lawyer (and, aside from watching the Rumpole of the Bailey series and, of course, reading a lot of Dickens and wandering through the Inns of Court, have had no experience with British law), I maintain the optimistic belief that any country with a highly developed legal system has, as well, some sort of recourse for unhappy plaintiffs.

And I’m certainly hoping that whoever wound up here with that search string finds access to plaintiff advice forums in his or her own country.

But if you, gentle (and presumably disgruntled) British reader, can’t find a process by which you can officially complain about your solicitor, make one.

That is, start your own little revolution to amend or add to your laws.

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