What can you do when your lawyer ignores Medicare?

You can laugh, that’s what you can do.

Earlier I told you how I wrote to Dinkes & Schwitzer yesterday, with an offer they really shouldn’t refuse: send me my settlement check or else.

I just picked up my mail. Copies of two letters from Medicare, both addressed to Dinkes & Schwitzer and both repeating something I told D&S more than half a year ago: Medicare, whom D&S must reimburse for my medical bills concerning my broken foot, doesn’t have proper Proof of Representation. That is, Medicare has no proof that D&S represented me in this lawsuit, i.e., they don’t have D&S’s signature or date of signing.

I warned D&S of this. And someone at D&S pooh-poohed me. But I think they have a real problem, because the Retainer Agreement I signed does not in fact have a corresponding D&S signature and date.

So what are they going to do now?

Gotta say: never in my wildest imagination did I think a law firm could be so … I don’t even know what to call it.

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