What do we talk about when we talk?

Today, several phone conversations with a good friend. We started with vaccines — where, how, getting appointments — and then wandered off into…

Oatmeal. Hot cereals.

We both eat oatmeal every day for breakfast. My mom started our family on oatmeal. My friend’s mom branched out into Wheatena and farina, changing up the breakfast menu with that oatmeal.

I was impressed at her mom’s innovative approach to hot cereals. I was reminded that I love Wheatena. Is it still around? She thought, yes. I must look for it. Maybe I’ll mix it with my oatmeal.

I mentioned oat bran.

Then we talked about what kind of oatmeal we made, and what we put in it. She does steel-cut, with fresh fruit; I do Quaker Oats with tart cranberries. She puts milk in her oatmeal; I put Cabot’s Greek yoghurt in mine.

We talked about oatmeal longer than we talked about COVID. We did not discuss Trump’s violent fascism at all. Not once.

I have acquired an appointment for my first vaccine shot. Feb 22. My brother thinks that’s a long time away. I think time means nothing much at the moment.


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2 Responses to What do we talk about when we talk?

  1. Rudi Konrath says:

    Well, here the BBC Today’s programme starts and ends with mostly Covid19 and variants. Questioning incompetent government ministers, without ever getting a proper reply. So, we speak about Trump. Or some such. The NRA. Trevor Noah. Stephen Colbert. Or just listening to Schumann and comrades. And yes, time has no meaning anymore. The only reason we know what day it is, is the name printed on the weekly tablet dispenser. It’s all so exciting. 😎😎

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