What does Trump do with his time?

Nothing much, as Ari Melber told us last night on his MSNBC hour.

Today’s 538 Significant Digits burrows even deeper (so to speak) into Trump’s activities — most or all of which seem to do with tweeting.

For those of you who don’t use Twitter, this might come as a shock. For those of you who do use Twitter, this might come as a shock.

40 tweets

On Sunday, the 30th day of the government shutdown, President Trump sent out 40 tweets. And they were as motley as they were numerous. Trump boasted about the economy, criticized the news media, discussed the weather, belittled the existential threat of global warming, talked about the wall, warned Nancy Pelosi, corrected Ann Coulter, boasted about his poll numbers, bragged about his building skills, thanked the father of right-wing conspiracy theorist, criticized the news media again, posted a video, retweeted a conservative radio personality, thanked the actor James Woods, retweeted his wife, thanked those going without pay because of the shutdown, congratulated the Patriots, retweeted his son, and lauded Curt Schilling. [Politico]

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