What happened with QAnon D5 deep state arrests?

So what happened?

Yesterday I reported a warning via Twitter that QAnon, a band of I don’t know what to call them other than a lunatic cult, declared that yesterday, presumably after the George H.W. Bush funeral, Trump was going to have all his “deep state” enemies arrested.

I swear I’ve researched this. To the extent that I read the front page of the New York Times and the entirety of the Daily News and googled “D5 deep state arrests” and…nada.

Maybe it happened but in such a “deep state” sort of way we who live in reality are incapable of knowing about it? Sort of like dogs who can hear high-pitched sounds inaudible to us humans.

How did your dog behave yesterday afternoon? My dog didn’t act differently, possibly because I don’t have a dog.

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