What has Santa brought? A one-day pile of lawsuits for Xmas!

Today’s Daily News. What can I say? So many lawsuits! Let us count our holiday blessings:

1. KOd lawsuit gives Kimmel last laugh. Daniel Sondik, a Hasid from Brooklyn, had sued Jimmy Kimmel for “using his image without permission” but his suit was dismissed. “‘It’s an unfortunate decision,” Sondik’s lawyer…said Thursday. He described his client as a poor man who gives strangers blessings for donations.’

That last sentence has me rolling on the floor.

Then, directly to the right of that lawsuit is:

2. NYPD lawyer suing NYPD — sez promotion nixed due to pregnancy. Notable [alleged] quote: “Why should we promote her if she is going out on maternity leave…”

Then, to the right and above the above:

3.L.I. medicine man wants IRS to sweat. Shinnecock sues over $329G tax lien. “An Indian medicine man is accusing the tax man of crimping his ability to run a sweat lodge and other spiritual activities on a Long Island reservation…”

The complaint states, “Smith’s spiritual activities are, in part, directed a helping Shinnecock and other Indican peoples heal and overcome the spiritual difficulties which have and continue to afflict them as a People due to their history at the hands of the U.S. Government and the British Crown over the last 400 years…”

4. Waiter hits Batali with harass suit. “Celebrity chef Mario Batali stood by while workers at his famed Babbo eatery repeatedly smacked a waiter in the rump, a lawsuit charges.”

5. And the Kardashians are getting in on the litigious Xmas act:

The Kardashian clan .. leaves no stone unturned in safeguarding its media and fashion empire. This much has been made clear based on the reality TV family’s reaction to a recent claim that they are involved in a major sweatshop scandal.

According to TMZ, the Kardashians are planning to take the issue to court, calling the reports libelous and unfair.

On Wednesday, Star magazine reported that the famous family used child slave labor in their Chinese factories…

I never believed in Santa. Until today.

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