What horrible people would reject cutting soot from our air during a pandemic?

Trump horrible people.

We have a deadly virus that, among other things, attacks the lungs.

We also have an Environmental Protection Agency which, in theory and practice, tests our air for pollutants and sets rules and regulations to ensure that any industry that pollutes our air is restricted from doing so.

So we think and believe.

Here was the headline and subhead in a recent Times article:

Trump Administration Declines to Tighten Soot Rules, Despite Link to Covid Deaths

Health experts say the E.P.A. decision defies scientific research showing that particulate pollution contributes to tens of thousands of premature deaths annually.

For no reason at all. It is perverse and they are perverse.

Horrible people. On their way out of power, they exert what power they still have over the powerless, i.e., us. It must be their aphrodisiac.

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