What is a Cause of Action? Sometimes it’s hard to tell

I’ll bet judges all over the country are laughing and applauding this decision by a judge in West Virginia, who read a complaint by a petitioner with an…um…exotic? name. Or maybe a nutsy name?

Anyhow, this is how Kevin Underhill begins his romping post in Lowering the Bar:

This comes to us from the Northern District of West Virginia, where yesterday a judge dismissed a petition filed by Mr. Living Soul Chief Asan Manuel Mustafah Fearce W. Yahzoo (hereinafter “Living Soul Chief”) on the grounds that she was “unable to determine the legal basis for Petitioner’s claims.”

And that pretty well describes what a cause of action isn’t. Although there are plenty of lawyers who write complaints so poorly they too could be considered unintelligible but judges really want to work things out responsibly with lawyers. After all, most of them were practicing lawyers, too.

Of course, this guy, Mr. Yahzoo, doesn’t seem to be a lawyer. Unless he is.

You may now continue to read this hilarious gooble-de-gook: “The Cause of Action is Denied as Unintelligible” – Lowering the Bar.

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