What is it with New Jersey? Judge indicted

It seems like every night when I watch the local news there’s a huge fire in Jersey. Major fire. And always across the river in Jersey.

Why? I don’t know. But when I saw this abstract from the New Jersey Law Journal, I just shook my head. Another sort of fire in Jersey…

That state across the river has got to be benighted–and I won’t even mention any further specific benights. (I’ve been delving into my new dictionary lately, so looked up “benighted,” just to make sure of my usage. To my surprise, I learn that it means “lacking understanding of cultural, intellectual or moral matters,” with this example: “you’re a provincial, benighted fool.” Actually, I thought it meant “blackened by Christie,” but the above definition works, too.)

And hee-ee-eere comes the judge!

NJ Judge Indicted

Charles Toutant, New Jersey Law Journal

A suspended New Jersey Superior Court judge has been indicted on charges that she harbored a fugitive in her home after being advised he was wanted for arrest.


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