What questions should congressional committees ask of Mueller?

Oh it’s a very sunny day in New York City.

And I love what I’m giving you in this link from JustSecurity: In an article entitled, “What Congress Should Ask Robert Mueller When He Testifies,” a fascinating series of questions the mighty trio of Ryan Goodman, Joshua Geltzer and Asha Rangappa suggests to congressional committees.

A couple of times I said, “Whoo!” over questions I thought were particularly exciting. And there are some direct quotes from the Mueller Report I had not really absorbed until now.

Since I love it, I believe you’ll love it too. I’m just solipsistic that way. (But also generous.)

AND, if your wonkiness is particularly exercised, you’ll see at the beginning that Goodman invites you to suggest more questions, and gives you a link you can use for that purpose.


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