What Trump voters are thinking now

For a while now, I’ve been collecting comments made by Trump voters, not because I believe I need to understand them or to feel for them, but because I require a daily dose of WTF??? to keep my otherwise admirable low blood pressure high enough for me to function on my feet.

Or something like that.

Over the past four years I’ve developed an alarmed perception of the factual information deficit among so many fellow Americans. Moreover, I’m startled that they are so removed from facts and reason they are angrily pleased to announce it.

They are irrational and unashamed.

Since the Daily News readers’ comment page is perhaps more representative of average American opinions than the New York Times comments, I’m an avid reader of what the Daily News calls The Voice of the People.

Today, there is a classic “voice” on the current subject re Trump and the election. I’ve read quite a number of similar opinions. Almost every phrase, if not every word, is false, wrong, incoherent and/or nuts. Quite an achievement.

Here it is.


Franklin Lakes, N.J.: For four years, the Democrats and leftists have done everything in their power to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency — and they failed. However, finally, their solution emerged via the coronavirus pandemic, Democrat city rioting, paper balloting and leftist media bias. Although President Trump’s election popularity soared to 74 million votes, the highest in presidential history, he has reportedly lost a second term! Frankly, this is circumstantially unbelievable. Paper balloting has been Trump’s primary demise. Paper ballots could not only be forged but counted and recounted without proper signature verification and control. Vote counters could also be bribed by big money leftist interests. Apparently, the “Make America Great Again” success of the Trump administration has been defeated and will be undermined by the leftist centralized government controllers and globalists. –William A. Pauwels Sr.

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