What would YOU like to name a floating bridge?

Hilarity from 538 Significant Digits:

1,600 signatures

The Isle of Wight council called for the public to suggest names for a new floating bridge. That, naturally, led to a petition — which as of Tuesday had received more than 1,600 signatures — to name the ferry-like structure “Floaty McFloatface.” After initially vetoing the suggestion, the council now says it will consider it. [On The Wight]

UPDATE 3/30/2017. Well, sort of an update. This little tidbit was so wonderful, in the middle of the night–the Horror has made me so hypervigilant, I wake up in the middle of the night and have to read Jane Austen for an hour to get back to sleep–I murmured out loud, “Floaty McFloatface,” several times and laughed and laughed.

Try it. “Floaty McFloatface.'” The antidote to everything. And then I fell asleep.

ANOTHER UPDATE 3/31/2017. I’ve been wondering (late at night, usually, see above update) what the Isle of Wight floating bridge actually looks like, so…here’s a picture: Source: Petition · Isle of wight : floating bridge to be called Floaty Mcfloatface · Change.org

AND as you can read above, the Council did decide to call the bridge… FLOATY McFLOATFACE. I salute Floaty McFloatface. Long may you float, plying the waters.

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