What’s being offered on my co-op bulletin board? This.

A 40″ mini-trampoline.

Let’s bounce this around a bit.

I live in a very large building with over 600 apartments. It is 17 stories high. Except for apartments on the ground floor and for a couple of duplexes, we all have neighbors underneath us. That’s logical, right?

Although I’m sure there’s a substantial slab of concrete in between each floor, the floors themselves are wood. And the building is not so perfectly insulated that it is soundproof. In fact, I’ve had to do that New York thing of going upstairs to my neighbors about something called beer pong they were playing over my head.

One neighbor told me the guy who once lived upstairs from her had an exercise bike, maybe a Peloton, which he used every evening, and she was forced to listen to every fake mile he rode on it.

So why would and how could any responsible person have a trampoline in one of these apartments?

I’m almost certain an acrylic matzoh box doesn’t interrupt anyone’s serenity.

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