What’s dark money up to in Missouri? This

From Daily Kos Elections:

MO-Sen: It’s no surprise that the Club for Growth is attacking Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in a new TV ad, but what’s odd is that, despite the extraordinarily incendiary nature of the charges, the spot has garnered virtually no coverage in the traditional media, with only the conservative Washington Examiner touching the story. The full transcript is astounding:

Each week in Missouri, over 500 requests for shelter and assistance for domestic violence victims go unmet. As victims cry for help, is Claire McCaskill listening? Even after McCaskill’s political benefactor and now-husband was accused of abusing his then-wife, McCaskill looked the other way, voting to finance the agencies providing him with fat government contracts. Millions for them, another slap in the face for victims.

Where to even begin? How about here: McCaskill’s campaign issued a statement from Suzy Shepard, the ex-wife of McCaskill’s husband, Joseph Shepard, in which she said, “I support Claire and hope she is re-elected. This attack is terribly unfair and the worst kind of disgusting dirty politics.” She’s spot on. To try to blame McCaskill for acts allegedly committed by her husband is sexist filth. Why more news outlets haven’t called out this garbage is a mystery to us.

 Claire McCaskill, already a target of the GOP and the Russians (or maybe that should read “the GOP Russians”), is running around 2 points behind her GOP opponent.

I realize I’m anxious over the ugly influence of dark money in close senatorial elections but I also realize I have reason to be.

Send Claire some nice bright dollars. She’s really worth ’em.

P.S. BG on the Club for Growth. (I thought these “social interest” non-profits were not supposed to support or attack candidates directly. Or else. Seems there is no “or else.”)

And P.S. categorize this as the GOP’s war on American women.


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