What’s going on out there in the wonderful world of GOP campaigns?

From DailyKos Elections.

The notorious and rotten Georgia gubernatorial race (wouldn’t you think Brian Kemp and the GOP have already had all their fingers and toes blistered by the outrage over his rigging and suppressing the vote business? I guess not):

GA-Gov: Republican Brian Kemp has avoided pointing guns at anyone in his general election ads, but the Georgia Democratic Party’s newest spot begins with a clip of Kemp’s infamous primary ad where he menacingly brandished a shotgun at a teenager named “Jake,” whom Kemp described as a young man “interested in one of my daughters.”

The narrator in the GDP’s ad describes Kemp as “pointing a shotgun at a teenager,” before declaring that Kemp renewed “a sexual abuser’s massage license, then refus[ed] to take responsibility” and defaulted “on a half-million dollar loan.” (You can find background on the former story here and the latter here.) The narrator sums up Kemp: “Unaccountable. Reckless. Irresponsible… Brian Kemp cannot be trusted.”

Kemp, meanwhile, is out with his own ad that features a woman identified only as “Amy” telling the audience that she’s known Kemp for 10 years and knows how “incredibly decent and honest” he is. Amy then argues that Democrat Stacey Abrams supported “letting sexual predators work near our schools,” and opposed a bill “cracking down on human trafficking.” She concludes that Abrams “even voted against collecting DNA from registered sex offenders,” adding that, “Victims of sexual violence deserve better. I know because I am one.”

The Ohio Senatorial race:

OH-Sen: Oh, to hell with this guy. Republican Rep. Jim Renacci, whose most recent TV ads had the chutzpah to attack Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown for trying to “destroy Judge Kavanaugh with unfounded claims,” now is making his own extremely unfounded claim that “multiple women” have told him they were assaulted by Brown between 1987 and 2004.

Renacci made these incendiary allegations at a meeting with the editorial board of the Cincinnati Enquirer on Wednesday. The paper noted that he “didn’t provide any proof or specifics,” not even to name the attorney he claims he referred these women to or to specify the total number of women who supposedly approached him. Needless to say, Brown denied all of Renacci’s claims, and fortunately, Renacci’s campaign is spiraling into oblivion: The Daily Kos Elections polling average has him trailing by a painful 51-35 margin, and outside groups have left him to fend for himself.

Renacci also got negative attention of a different sort on Thursday. We’ll just let WOSU Radio’s headline sum it up: “Jim Renacci failed to pay strip club owner for governor campaign flights.”  

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