What’s with the hair?

Does it seem that there have been a lot of “hair-raising” lawsuits against hair salons that have allegedly ruined hair lately?

Gee, I think so. And here’s another one: Brazilian aspiring model suffered hair-raising experience at New York’s J. Sisters: suit – NY Daily News:

Suit − Hair salon to stars mutilated me

A wannabe Brazilian model says a famous Midtown salon with scores of celebrity patrons gave her the worst hair day ever.

Myrella Ikeda, 34, a Brazilian citizen who lives in Maryland, is suing J. Sisters for $1.5 million, claiming the favorite of Naomi Campbell, Vanessa Williams and Cameron Diaz turned her into a “monster” by treating her tresses with a product that burned her scalp and made her hair fall out.

That’s how the Daily News article begins, but my favorite line by far is at the end:

“It wasn’t my fault,” [Jonice] Padilha [salon owner] said Tuesday, blaming the disaster on the product [hairdresser Antonio Luis} Rosa used. “If I could get a set of hair that day and put it back on her, I would.”

Reminds me: my own Set of Hair needs a trim.

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