When bad crazy things happen, sue

This weird and bad tale leading to a lawsuit comes under a category that doesn’t quite exist, but could be called … well, I don’t know but it’s certainly a solid lawsuit. “Solid,” in the sense that this guy was wronged, even though fortunately not physically hurt. But damaged? Oh yeah.

Here’s how the Daily News story (it was also reported on TV news) begins (with a great pun, and I hope Mr. Shroff forgives the Daily News but they can’t help themselves):

 What a difference a D makes.

An Upper East Side software maker says his $1,700-a-month apartment was stripped almost bare in a bizarre mistake — with a lifetime of memories, clothes and furniture shipped to the city dump.

Nilay Shroff, 27, filed suit alleging a massive management mixup sent a cleaning contractor to his apartment 2D instead of nearby 2B inside 409 E. 74th St.

“It’s just pure negligence,” Shroff said Tuesday at his since-restocked home. “It’s really ridiculous.”

A shocked Shroff returned home from his IT job with Deloitte & Touche on Oct. 9, 2013, carrying a bagful of groceries. He opened the door, walked inside, and immediately noticed his kitchen table was missing.

“And then I looked around and everything else was gone,” Shroff recalled. “I dropped the groceries and called 911.”

All you worryworts, i.e., hamische paranoids, should pay avid attention. You’ll be obsessed and will spend oh at least six months certain IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. It can’t, but I know worrying about it will make you so very happy.

P.S. Mr. Shroff also lost a (valuable) Mariano Rivera bubblehead doll. I’m just reporting that.

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