Where does the GOP FIND these people?

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

In Georgia, state senator Michael Williams said that if Trump had been recorded using the N-word, it “would matter as an individual” but not “as the person who is running our country”; elections consultant Michael Malone, who has proposed a plan to “consolidate” seven of nine voting precincts in Randolph County, which is 60 percent black, has dismissed concerns of voter suppression as “gibberish…”

The Republican nominee for US Senate in Virginia posted a photoshopped picture of his Democratic opponent, Tim Kaine, greeting Joseph Stalin. US secretary of the interior Ryan Zinke, who has been investigated for violating the Hatch Act after tweeting a photo of himself wearing “Make America Great Again” socks, wore Ronald Reagan socks while touring the Carr fire sites in Northern California, and said that the wildfires were started by “environmental terrorist groups.” “He loves fun socks,” said Alex Hinson, his deputy press secretary. Rudolph Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and currently one of Trump’s personal lawyers, explained that he does not want his client to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller because “truth isn’t truth.”

Which may all be explained thusly:

Scientists in France and Switzerland published a study that demonstrates a connection between the “teleological thinking” of creationists and conspiracy theorists. “We think the message that conspiracism is a type of creationism that deals with the social world can help clarify some of the most baffling features of our so-called ‘post-truth era,'” said Dr. Sebastian Dieguez, who led the research.

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