Where is Bear 409, a/k/a “Beadnose”?

From 538 Significant Digits:

Bear 409

Bear 409, a beloved brown bear nicknamed “Beadnose” became a social media sensation last year before winning Katmai National Park’s Fat Bear Week. However, the plump and previously healthy bear has not been spotted at all this year, which is why she’s not in the 2019 bracket of salmon-eating competitors. The bear is now in her 20s, which puts her at the end of a brown bear’s average lifespan, and up until now she has returned to the Brooks River, where the bear cam is located, every year. Park staff say Beadnose’s disappearance could be due to failing health, harsh winter conditions, or simply a move to another part of the wilderness. [Mashable]

I’ll bet she’s making her way to the other part of the wilderness called Coney Island, for the 2020 Nathan’s hot dog eating contest.

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