Where is tamarind paste? Is this a supply chain problem?

Which I went out to buy yesterday.

No question I was going to find tamarind paste at Jubilee Market which is, after all, a hugely expanded Korean market with a large section of Asian and other exotic condiments. Indeed, my almost empty jar of tamarind paste has a Jubilee label on it.

But no jubilee over tamarind paste, not now. I wandered all over, nosing into every possible section which might have it. It took a lot of time but I did not stint, especially because I’ve got a gap in my visual ability to spot something I’m looking for among a group of things I’m not immediately looking for.

It’s not a supply chain thing, though, unless you tend to equate tamarind paste with toilet paper. In which Jubilee was fully, even overwhelmingly stocked.

So, no tamarind at the moment. I had to devote my walk home to contemplating where, aside from Kalustyan, I might find tamarind paste.

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