Where is the Resistance? I’ll tell you.

We’re here, in our homes and wearing it on our faces when we go out.

In January 2017 and several times afterward, I with friends and family members marched in DC. I marched to Trump’s NYC hotel a number of times after that. And I was with thousands of people.

We’re doing the opposite of marching now. We’re not marching.

The only people who are out there doing their version of marching are fools for Trump. A smattering on the steps of various government buildings, prancing around with guns in states that permit them to have guns, thousands crowding into swimming pools and onto beaches. Without masks.

The resistance groups which opposed Hitler during the ten deadly years of the Thousand Year Reich were not out in public, carrying guns and wearing bikinis. They worked privately, quietly, dressed in their usual clothes. They didn’t yell at Nazi soldiers. They smiled at them in public and sabotaged them in secret.

So, instead of marching now, we’re anti-marchers, indoor resisters, disobedient to Trump’s dangerous and crazed orders. He and his minions can verbally bang on our doors and yell “Open up! Get out without masks! Shop, eat, get your hair cut and your nails done and look pretty for us.”

We don’t. We ignore him. We stay in. We resist.

And we don’t have to risk our lives to do it. Seems like a winning strategy to me.

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